Are You a Victim of Diamond Overgrading? Here is what to Do

If you have heard about David Blank Diamond Doctor Lawsuit, then you have a hint of what diamond overgrading is about. However, not everyone has heard about Diamond doctor lawsuit. If you are among the people who are still in the dark about this scam that has gone viral in the jewelry market, then you should read this article to the end.

<center>David Blank Diamond Doctor Lawsuit</center>

David Blank Diamond Doctor Lawsuit

Diamond overgrading is real in the market and many buyers have fallen victims in the hands of the merciless dealers who intentionally step up the value of diamonds for financial gains. If you become a victim of this queer practice, here are some steps you can follow towards a possible compensation. In the recent past, David Blank Diamond Doctor Lawsuit sparked much debate in the corridors of jewelry market and revealed a lot of scams that goes on in the diamond trade sector.

First off, here are a few things you need to know:

Certified Organization to Issue Diamond Certificates

As a buyer, you need to know that the only organization that is authorized to issue certificates for jewelry is the GIA (Gemologist Institute of America). Therefore, if your diamond comes with a certification slip from a non-GIA body, it is time to launch an investigation on the real quality of your diamond. David Blank Diamond Doctor Lawsuit was meant to sensitize the public on the overgrading exercise that takes place in the industry.

Some companies such as the defunct EGL-International came up with the practice of producing fake in-house certificates. This was an intentional move to swindle diamond buyers of their hard earned money. Such fake certificates are serious red flags for diamond overgrading. When you discover that your diamond does not exhibit real characteristics of true diamond, you should take it to an independent jeweler to determine its real value and qualities. For instance, if you are in Dallas, Texas, you can take your diamond to a GIA-certified gemologist for verification.

Information about David Blank Diamond Doctor Lawsuit is available online. It is advisable for stakeholders in the stone market to read that information that is a revelation of what diamond overgrading is all about.

The Verification Process

When you take your diamond to an independent jeweler for assessment, do not carry the non-GIA certificate with you. The gemologist should verify the diamond without a preconceived idea. When the jeweler performs the first evaluation, he or she should determine whether the diamond should proceed to full examination. The initial evaluation lasts only a few minutes.

The Report

After careful examination by an independent jeweler, you get a report on the evaluation process. If the report shows that the diamond is two grades below what your seller told you, it is clear that you have been duped and you need to launch a complaint. It is advisable to report to the appropriate authorities when it happens. Diamond overgrading is a serious offense under crimes against consumers. You can proceed with a lawsuit against the seller and you can also launch a complaint with the Better Business Bureau fraud unit to warn the public about what has happened.

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